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Making Christianity Work: Letters and Lessons on Leadership, Theology and the Church

Carl Shank, 2012


Insights shared by the author from letters, emails and various mentoring situations involving a number of lay and professional ministry leaders over an almost forty year span. Sections include "Feeling About God and Life," "Knowing God Better," "Faith and Culture," "On Church Health and Growth," "On Church Difficulties," "On Preaching and Teaching," and "On Theology."

The Two Talent Church

Carl Shank, 2010


This is a biblical and practical guide on the eight universal natural church development qualities necessary for church health and growth. It is aimed for churches under 400 and is available as a copyrighted guide to those ministries who choose to  proceed with an NCD survey.

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Upfront and Indepth: Deeper Devotional Studies on Psalm 119

Carl Shank, 2010


This little exposition of Psalm 119 unlocks some of the deeper truths of the longest Psalm recorded in the Bible. Not for the tame, or for a quick read, this devotional study will challenge you to personally go places you have never visited within your own walk with God.

The In-between Book for Church Leaders: What You Need to Know and Do To Get To Where You Want To Be

Carl Shank, 2013


For leaders of smaller to mid-sized churches seeking to go from where they are to where they may want to be. Sections include "Fighting the Three Ds," "Attending to the Five Cs," "Is This What God Really Wants?," "The Role of Godly Complaining," "Intentional Patience," "Mentoring Not Modeling," and "Stop Whining!"

Daily Insights: Daily Devotional Comments for Christian Leaders and Workers

Lulu Press, Carl Shank, 2015


A selection of daily devotionals for Christians wanting to know how to go deeper with God on very practical matters such as character, leadership and spirituality. Gleaned from the author's daily devotionals, Book available from

Living Life God's Way

Study Guide and Leader's Guide

Lulu Press, Carl Shank, 2016


This is a study guide for selected Psalms from the Bible. It's fill-in-the blanks format is perfect for a small group study, or even a personal study of the Psalms. It references 67 of the most read Psalms and includes a special study of Psalm 1. A selection of "Psalms for Christmas" is included in the study.  Book available from

Romans: The Glory of God As Seen In The Righteousness of God

A Thematic Bible Study of the Letter to the Romans

Lulu Press, Carl Shank, 2017


Romans: The Glory of God As Seen In The Righteousness of God is a thematic Bible study of the Letter to the Romans. This study guide contains a student and a leader’s manual, along with supplementary notes. This guide is from several InterVarsity Growth in Christ Training Conferences in the 1990s and updated for today. Book available from

Jonah: A Reluctant Messenger, A Needy People, and God's Amazing Grace

A Bible Study

Lulu Press, Carl Shank, 2017


Jonah: A Reluctant Messenger, A Needy People, and God's Amazing Grace is a Bible study of the story of Jonah in the Old Testament. This study looks at the four chapters of Jonah from a point of view of God's sovereign grace at work in the lives of Jonah and the Ninevites. A broader reference would be how to speak for God in a godless society.  Available from

Esther: For Such A Time As This

A Study of God's Providence

Lulu Press, Carl Shank, 2017


Esther: For Such A Time As This. This study guide on the little book of Esther in the Old Testament surveys the lessons of God's providence that the story invites. Rather than just a study of the Jewish celebration of Purim, this study draws us to adoring the sovereign God of all providence and wisdom. Book available from

Church Warnings! The Seven Churches of Revelation for Today

Lulu Press, Carl Shank, 2017


Church Warnings! The Seven Churches of Revelation for Today. The seven churches recorded in Revelation 2 and 3 are warnings to all churches in all cultures and settings today. They tell us how to face persecution, how to keep the main thing the main thing, how to respond to false teachers and teaching and how not to grow cold or lackadaisical. This study includes discussion questions for groups or classes. Book available from

Going Deeper With God Every Day

Lulu Press, Carl Shank, 2017-2018


Going Deeper With God Every Day is a starter devotional guide for a new year. It covers the month of January, with daily readings and Study Guides for those who wish to dig deeper into God's Word. Daily devotions for February through December are available online for those who purchase this starter volume. Available from Lulu. com.

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NCD Tools & Other Resources

Specialized Studies


In most of the eight (8) NCD quality factors, NCD has provided additional resources for further study and application. These resources can be ordered from


NCD America

Institute of Church Ministry

4145 E. Campus Circle Dr

Berrien Springs, MI 49104




Empowering Leadership


The 3 COLORS OF LEADERSHIP presents an exciting new way of looking at leadership. Whether you are an established leader in a high-profile position or an emerging leader who is still unsure whether God wants you to take over more leadership responsibility, the training described in this book will empower you in such a way that you will be able to empower others. Based on world-wide research among tens of thousands of leaders, The 3 Colors of Leadership portrays six fundamental leadership principles that anyone can learn:







A state-of-the-art online test (which every book owner can take for free) will help you develop your personalized training plan.



Gift-Oriented Ministry


Would you like to use your spiritual gifts to their full potential? The 3 COLORS OF MINISTRY  presents a holistic approach to identifying and developing your spiritual gifts. It is based on the three dimensions of God's nature, for which the author has chosen the colors of green, red and blue. In addition to emphasizing the critical importance of using your gifts in an authentically trinitarian way, this book shows you where you most need to focus your energies in order to bring this kind of balance to your Christian service. The natural result will be increased effectiveness.


A gift test is included with this resource.





Passionate Spirituality


Why are so many people leaving their churches?


Too often, people do not feel like they are spiritually connecting with God. They look to their church for help, but end up feeling like it is nothing but a series of empty exercises with little or no meaning.


The author argues that too many churches do not encourage congregants to discover their spiritual style – that is, how do they best relate to God. To explore this topic further, Schwarz sought out mentors from various spiritual traditions to learn how different people seek and experience God. As a result, he has identified nine different styles:


This book includes a self-test to help participants identify their spiritual style.




Holistic Groups


The 3 Colors of Community presents an altogether new way of approaching small groups. Rather than being preoccupied with the technical aspects of small group ministry, this book focuses on the qualities that are fundamental for any sort of Christian community, be it a family, a prayer meeting, a Bible study group, a task force, or a choir. Based on comprehensive research, The 3 Colors of Community portrays seven qualities that all healthy communities have in common. Applying these principles not only generates enthusiastic responses from the participants, but also sustainable effects in their lives.


A self-assessment measuring the seven communal qualities for individuals is in each book.





Need-Oriented Evangelism


A resource designed to move your church into mission! A new application of Natural Church Development Survey and paradigm!  What is MaxHealth?  A team, problem-solving tool, that addresses critical health issues that holds your church back from mission.

In MaxHealth you will:

•  Identify what restricts spontaneous evangelism

•  Develop your unique evangelism strategy as a church

•  Mobilize small groups and individuals for outreach

Overcome congregational resistance to multiplying.




Loving Relationships


Love. It is one of the most central words of Christian theology, and yet one of the foggiest words on planet earth. Many Christians who use this term communicate a clearly secular understanding rather than a fully biblical concept. Sometimes it almost seems that as Christians we haven't even really begun to grasp the full scope of the biblical concept of love, let alone put it into practice. But what is the biblical understanding of love?


When you choose to grow in love, you are not dealing with a weekend hobby that may be of interest to you, but others can safely ignore. You are dealing with the heart of the Christian faith. At the same time you are dealing with the heart of church development. The motive of church development is love, the message is love, and it is empirically demonstrable that there is no better church growth method than love.


This book focuses on the three fundamental dimensions of God's love that every believer can reflect in his or her life: justice, truth and grace. Depending on your starting point, your personal growth path may be very different to someone else's. The 3 Colors of Love offers practical tools to help you identify your starting point and experience the revolutionary power of God's unconventional love in your life.


Church Building Construction Services


Jeff Packard of Steward & Tate Construction provides Pre-construction services for churches and ministries seeking to expand. They conduct "Church Building Seminars" where the following topics are addressed:

   Master Planning

•   Demographics

•   Translating Ministry into Design

•   New Construction

•   Renovations and Additions

•   Generosity and Stewardship Campaigns

•   Themed Environments

•   Financing

•   Audio, Video and Lighting








Jeff Packard

Director for Preconstruction Services

Church Development Services LLC

708 S. Rosemont Road Ste 101

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452

Ph:   757-623-3701

Cell: 757-390-8353


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