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Course FAQs


Who teaches this course?

The online Introduction to New Testament Greek is taught by Rev. H. Carl Shank, a retired minister and church consultant of the Brethren in Christ (BIC) Church.  In addition to his M.Div. and Th.M. (systematics) work, H. Carl Shank has been a youth, associate, solo, staff and lead pastor in over forty years of church ministry, pastoring beginning and established congregations in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and New York state. His passion for leadership development has resulted in mentoring numerous pastors, teaching in a number of local Bible institutes as well as serving as an adjunct faculty member of The King’s College, and training InterVarsity leaders on the East Coast. Carl has been regularly sought out for his acknowledged gifts of discernment and wisdom in dealing with church issues. He had been serving as the Executive Pastor of a church in Lancaster, PA, as well as a church health consultant through NCDAmerica. He is recently retired.


Is there a charge for the course?

There is no charge for this online course. This educational course had been part of the official "Equipping for Ministry" courses offered by the Brethren in Christ denomination for aspiring church leaders and pastors. After eleven years, it has been released to me for general distribution and use. If the participant wants feedback on any of the course lessons or assignments, there will be a minimal charge for additional instructional time and materials. Contact the author at for more information.


Are the materials copyrighted?

All of the materials in the lessons are copyrighted materials. Permission to use any of these notes or lesson plans or additional lesson notes must be granted by H. Carl Shank or the holder of the copyrights. Pay attention to the specific use of the fonts used in the course and their copyright restrictions.


Additional Questions?

If you have any questions that you want addressed that go outside the information given in the slide show or audio, click on the QUESTIONS link. You will be directed via email to  Carl Shank at He will provide the answer to your questions.


We hope you find these lessons informative and inspiring as you develop your knowledge of the Bible and your own  ministry!




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