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Greek Welcome Instructions


Welcome to the online Introduction to New Testament Greek course! This course has been designed for anybody wishing to acquaint themselves with the text of the New Testament, which was written in popular Greek of the period (called Koiné Greek). The course had been one of the "Equipping for Ministry" courses for church leaders offered by the Brethren in Christ Church (BIC) for eleven years. It has now been released from that venue, making it available as an online course for anyone.


The course is offered as a FREE online course. However, to receive maximum value from the course a participant will need several tools — A Greek New Testament (United Bible Societies edition), William Mounce's "Greek for the Rest of Us," the Course Outline notes and PowerPoints along with several Greek helps, the latter available as a free download. The books can be purchased from Amazon at The course notes come with instructional assignments and quizzes which can help track your progress.


Each Lesson comes with a YouTube video link, which you will find in the Course Outline. The lessons each run about an hour. Because this is a language course, the participant will need to spend enough time per lesson to feel secure he or she has mastered the material. Typically, this might require 3 - 4 hours per lesson, depending on your language acquisition skills.


The Instructor is H. Carl Shank (M.Div., Th.M.), a retired minister and a church consultant with NCDAmerica. You may visit other pages on this website for a listing of publications and other materials and services offered by him. His training includes study at Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary near Boston. He has been a minister for over forty years and has consulted with many churches and mentored a growing number of pastors and other church leaders.


If you have any questions that you want addressed that go outside the information given in the course, click on the FAQs link. You will be directed via email to  Carl Shank at He will provide the answer to your questions.


We hope you find these lessons informative and inspiring as you develop your own  ministry!


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