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Welcome to the online Effective Christian Leadership Course! Each Lesson is indicated in the horizontal menu bar above. You may go back and forth among the Lessons. Each Lesson is in a SLIDE SHOW format. Click on the arrows at the bottom of each image to go to the next slide.  The AUDIO portion of the Lesson can be triggered by clicking on the PLAY Button at the bottom left of each slide show. The audio portion will advance automatically, but you will have to manually advance the slides with the audio.


Your Lesson Notes for each lesson can be found by clicking on LESSON NOTES on the bottom of the slide show.  Any additional notes that you may need for the lesson can be accessed by clicking on ADDITIONAL NOTES, also at the bottom of the slide show. The Lesson Notes have fill-in blanks as you move through the slides and audio. There is also at the end of each Lesson footnoted Answers, so if you miss a blank or two, you may complete it  later.


If you have any questions that you want addressed that go outside the information given in the slide show or audio, click on the QUESTIONS link. You will be directed via email to  Carl Shank at He will provide the answer to your questions.


We hope you find these lessons informative and inspiring as you develop your own leadership ministry!


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